Project partners

Sinergise, Laboratory for geographical information systems, Ltd. (coordinator)
Geoville Informationssysteme und Datenverarbeitung GmbH
Magellium SAS
Landbrug & Fodevarer F.M.B.A.
Institut Jozef Stefan
Agricultural Institute of Slovenia


SINERGISE entered the project with Sentinel Hub (well accepted by EU Commission; LINK to Copernicus web page, LINK to Copernicus FB) and EO-Toolset. GEOVILLE, one of EU’s most reputable SMEs from the field of remote sensing applications (2014 EARSC Company Award of the Year Award), joined the project to provide its own proprietary pre-processing algorithms, and domain knowledge. Both, SINERGISE and GEOVILLE are well known and renowned SMEs in the field of EO data processing (see references in Report on the Copernicus downstream sector and user benefits 2016 and Copernicus market report 2016).

MAGELLIUM has successfully proved its EO processing know-how and technology in hundreds of projects in France, in Europe and overseas, from R&D studies to challenging daily operated solutions including critical scalable, high availability, high performance, secured IT systems and high quality EO VAS delivery. Institut Jozef Stefan, the leading research institution for natural sciences in Slovenia (900 researchers) will participate in the project with Artificial Intelligence Laboratory - one of the largest European research groups (40 researchers) working in the areas of machine learning, data mining, language technologies, semantic technologies and sensor networks. Landbrug & Fodevarer (R&D department: SEGES) is a private non-profit advisory, test and research association owned by 23.000 Danish farmers. Landbrug & Fodevarer bridges the gap between farmers and research and is the main Danish supplier of professional knowledge for farmers as well as for food businesses, authorities and agricultural colleges. Agricultural Institute of Slovenia is a public research institution and a leading national research institute in the field of agriculture in Slovenia, employing its expertise in areas of modern agriculture, environmental protection and ecology.





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